5 Pretty Privacy Fences in Minneapolis

Privacy screens are not exactly visually pleasing. They commit to the idea of giving a bit of privacy to a family relaxing in their backyard, but they come up quite short in making the whole thing look nice. Thankfully, there are hundreds of great ideas online for privacy fences in Minneapolis. Below are some ideas that have been shared, discussed and added to homes across the nation.

Warehouse Pallets and No Visibility

Warehouse pallets usually rest in giant stacks in the backs of large warehouses. But they have a great design set-up for the sake of privacy. Since pallets cannot be seen through, their interlocking wood-link design works perfectly as privacy fences. Some smart fence installers painted pallets and positioned them up to create a fence.

These warehouse pallets can be stained as well to make for a golden bronze coloration. The idea is clever. Even if a designer isn’t using warehouse pallets directly, they can use a similar design to make an impenetrable fence.

Horizontal Fencing and Not a Single Gap

Tightly-constructed horizontal planks make for perfect privacy fences in the Minneapolis area. The design might seem a little simple, but it all depends on how the planks are positioned and laid out. The builders should be extremely consistent. Every plank looks about the same. The design could stack the planks perfectly, as opposed to setting them in different areas to create a different look. The clear consistency of the entire fence will keep it symmetrical and beautiful.

Add a Gate

One can always add a gate to any design of privacy fence. It is a great design feature that can be expanded upon creatively. For example, a private wood fence may have that nice symmetrical design detailed above. A gate can change the style. Centered right in the property line, the gate could have gorgeous abstract features, embellishments and other designs to give it some additional appeal. It is also a private addition on its own.

Privacy does not have to be simple or basic. Warehouse pallets are a unique addition, and a gate can mix it up. The above ideas help keep it interesting and possibly gorgeous while still making sure the property is secure and quiet.