A Wood Shake Roof in Denver CO can be a Beautiful Addition to a Home

by | Apr 11, 2019 | Roofing

When choosing a roofing material the choice can be simplified by selecting one that blends well with the overall design style of the property. A Wood Shake Roof in Denver CO provides an elegant organic feel that can complement a historical property or an older home. Most wood shake shingles are made from cedar since it’s lightweight and long-lasting, however, other types of wood can be used as well, including treated pine, cypress, and spruce.

About Wood Shake Shingles

Wood shake shingles are durable, in fact, they can last upwards of 30 years if taken care of properly. They are environmentally friendly since they are made from a renewable natural resource that is also biodegradable. Wood shake shingles made from cedar will turn a grayish color as they age, sometimes doing so in a relatively short amount of time. Cedar is the most commonly used type of wood shake roofing due to its rustic look and its aesthetic appeal as it gracefully ages in color.

Maintaining a Wood Shake Roof

A Wood Shake Roof in Denver CO needs to be maintained just like a roof that is comprised of composite or asphalt shingles. As weather beats down upon a wood shake roof, it can cause the wood to deteriorate or warp, as can humidity and poor ventilation of a roof’s surface. Any missing or damaged shingles should be replaced when they are noted, and the wood sealer should be redone as needed. If moss or lichen begin to grow on the surface of the wood shingles, it should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the wood from rotting away.

Making the Choice for Wood Roofing

There are many reasons that wood shake shingles may be selected for the roofing material on a home, but the cost is not one of them. A wood roof can be quite expensive to install and maintain, but that doesn’t distract from its aesthetic appeal, especially when trying to work with a historical property. Wood shake shingles provide a homey and quaint look that is unmatched by modern asphalt roofing products, and it can make a statement that modern materials simply cannot do.

When installing a wood roof one can be certain that the neighbors will take notice. Wood shake shingles are elegant and stand out from other types of roofing products. For more information regarding wood roofing, please visit Aceroofco.com. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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