Calling A Roofer in Dublin Ohio To Repair A Cracked Foam Rooftop

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Roofing

When a homeowner has a foam rooftop adorning their home, they will most likely be enjoying the insulation it provides to help reduce energy costs. When a crack becomes present in a foam roof, it will be important to repair it right away, so moisture does not get into the home and so heat or cool air does not escape from inside. A call to a Roofer in Dublin Ohio can be made to effectively make a roof repair. Here are the steps a roofing company would take care of a cracked foam roof.

The Roof Will Be Cleaned And Evaluated

First, a roofing company will take the time to clean the rooftop in its entirety. They will use commercial products to remove even the toughest grime, giving the rooftop a pristine appearance as a result. The cleaning procedure will allow the company to do an assessment of the foam so any other flaws can be fixed at the time of the repair of the noticed crack.

The Crack Will Be Filled In Appropriately

After the roof is cleaned, the crack will be filled in with a cement made especially for foam roofing materials. The roofing company will make sure the entire crevice is filled in, sealing the area so moisture can no longer make its way into the home.

A New Layer Of Foam Will Be Added

When all cracked portions are sealed, a new layer of foam will need to be applied over them to give them even more, protection against the chance of a moisture problem. The roofing company will use the same type of foam the roof is made from to ensure it adheres properly. This layer of protection will also give the rooftop a revitalized appearance.

When there is a need to repair a foam rooftop, a call to a Roofer in Dublin Ohio will need to be made. Finding the right business to do the job will be of the utmost important. Take a look at website to find out more about the services this professional company offers to their customers or to set up an appointment for an evaluation of the roof today.

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