Keep Your Asphalt Surfaces Together with Crack Sealing Repair in Worcester, MA

by | Dec 26, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Asphalt surfaces are often taken for granted. They are extremely durable, and most people don’t consider them to be something that needs a lot of attention. However, as durable as asphalt is, it will need to be maintained. If not, the small cracks that can appear on an asphalt surface can turn into a disaster. They can not only pose a safety risk to the people using the paved surface, but they can also turn into a huge expense if the paved surface needs to be replaced. That’s why something as simple as crack sealing repair in Worcester MA can be so important.

Cracks can appear in older paved surfaces for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s age. An older paved surface will develop cracks as the paving materials contract and expand over the years. In addition, poor water drainage or excessive amounts of winter precipitation, especially ice, cause older paved surfaces to begin to crack. Most people think that if it’s an older surface, it should probably be replaced. While this may be true in some situations, sometimes simple maintenance to rejuvenate a paved surface is all that is needed. When that’s the case, the first step is crack sealing repair in Worcester MA.

Repairing cracks in a paved surface is often done by injecting an acrylic material into the cracks themselves and then leveling out the surface. This is an excellent way to fill in the cracks with a material that will actually bond with the asphalt. However, this type of repair is typically a precursor to placing a protective sealant on the asphalt itself.

When cracks appear, the asphalt surface is somewhat older and, while the asphalt surface will look a grayish color, the acrylic material is going to be rather dark. Many times, to even this out and to provide an extra layer protection to the old asphalt, a black pavement sealant will be applied. This gives everything a uniform look, and it helps to protect and rejuvenate the asphalt surface to make it look like it did when it was first installed.

If an asphalt surface at your home or business is looking a bit tired and has numerous cracks, it may be time to do something about it. That’s why you may want to turn to the services provided by Premier Sealcoating MA for any asphalt repair or replacement needs.

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