3 Most Common Types of Commercial Roofs in Columbia MD

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Roofing

Most buildings with commercial roofing in Columbia, MD, feature one of three different types of roof. Each has significant benefits and some drawbacks to consider when choosing what type your building should have.

Flat roofs

This type of roof can be more cost effective for your business because it tends to use less materials overall. Pitched and steep slope roofs require more material per square foot.

Flat roofs can also be efficient for the installation of other appliances. Air conditioners, solar panels, and satellite dishes can be installed easily on a flat roof, cleaning up the appearance of the building.

Standing water can build up more quickly on a flat roof than any other style. This leads to a quicker degradation of the building materials.

Low-sloping roofs

Roofs with a slight pitch can be found on some apartment buildings and on warehouses, factories, and other industrial structures. Similar to flat roofs, it is relatively easy to install solar panels and satellite dishes on a low-pitched roof.

The main advantage of the pitched roof is water runoff. The roof’s design helps water flow into appropriate places like drains and gutters, allowing for more directed flow and less standing water on your building.

Pitched roofs

The main advantage of a pitched roof is increased water runoff. The steeper pitch reduces the amount of weight added by a heavy snowfall, as well.

This reduction of buildup could help reduce repair and maintenance costs and frequency due to less water and debris buildup.

For more information about the available types of commercial roofing in Columbia, MD, or to schedule a free estimate, visit Liberty Windows and Siding.

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