4 Essential Things to Know About Concrete Sealing in Granite Bay

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Construction and Maintenance

Concrete sealing in Granite Bay is an ideal way to extend a concrete driveway or patio’s lifespan by several years. Homeowners who decide to apply a high-quality sealer should know the following things.

1. Type of Sealers

There are three types of sealers. They are as follows:

  • Acrylic resin-based sealers: Choose a pure acrylic resin because it lasts longer and doesn’t turn yellow from the sunlight.
  • Epoxy or polyurethane sealers: These sealers are thick and can be slippery, which might not be ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Penetrating sealers: This sealer is a great product to use for stain protection in garages and basements.

2. Choose the Gloss Level

The gloss level is entirely preferential. When sealing a concrete or patio, there are three gloss levels to choose from:

  • Solvent-based sealers: Delivers a high-gloss finish
  • Water-based sealers: Delivers semi-gloss or matte finish
  • Penetrating sealers: Offers a no-gloss finish

3. Coverage

Most driveway sealers cover 200-300 square feet per gallon. The sealer must be applied in thin coats to ensure coverage that doesn’t pool or bubble. Usually, two or three coats do the trick. It’s best to hire professionals to apply the sealer because they have the expertise and the equipment to seal the concrete right the first time.

4. Maintenance

The best way to clean a sealed driveway or patio is to pressure wash it periodically. Use a fan nozzle and keep it at least 12 inches away from the concrete.

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