5 Signs It’s Time for a Gutter Replacement

Routine maintenance and repairs keep your gutters in place. They’re essential in filtering out the debris that gets on your roof so they don’t damage your downspouts. If you see the following signs, though, that means you need new gutters.

Cracked Gutters

If your gutters are cracked, then they won’t do an excellent job of filtering the debris that comes through. Also, large cracks are often visible, but smaller ones aren’t. That means if you see large cracks, it’s likely that there are also minor cracks that compromise your drainage system. You’ll need to look for a gutter replacement rather than gutter repair in Burke, VA.

Leaky Seams

Gutters are vulnerable at the seams, as this is where two sections meet. That’s why leaks have been inevitable over the years. While they can be mended, the seams remain a weak spot. That’s also why it’s best to look for seamless gutters when you shop around for a replacement.

Peeling Paint

Poor-performing gutters can mess up the paint job on your roof. When you hire a contractor for routine maintenance, they take photos of your roof. If the snaps show sections where the paint is starting to peel, then the contractor should check the gutters nearest to that area for any leaks. If the leaks are serious, you’ll need to toss your gutters aside for new ones.

Rotting Windowsills

Failed gutters mean that the rain will cascade over your exterior walls. That affects the structure of your home. If you have wood elements like windowsills made of wood, inspect them for any signs of rot. Your drywall might also sustain considerable water damage.

Spreading Mildew

Accumulated moisture is a factor in mildew growth. Prevent mildew from growing and spreading in your home by fixing your gutters or replacing them with new ones Direct Gutter Inc.