Care and Maintenance of Epoxy Resin Worktops

An epoxy resin worktop offers several advantages. In addition to being extremely durable, they are also moisture and flame resistant and able to handle the majority of chemical spills. Due to these properties, epoxy resin counters are ideal for the often harsh laboratory environment. If you are an employee, teacher, owner or manager in a lab facility, it is crucial that you understand the proper way to clean these surfaces. After all, a clean lab is a safe lab.

Avoid the Use of Abrasive Materials

Don’t ever use abrasives for cleaning an epoxy resin worktop. This includes all-purpose cleaners, such as Comet, Soft Scrub and generic scouring pads. If you use scouring pads or abrasive cleaners, it will dull the surface making them look worn and old. If this happens, you are going to have to replace the surface much sooner than you intended. Also, avoid any polishes that contain wax.

Acceptable Cleaners for Epoxy Resin Surfaces

The majority of other cleaners work fine for this surface. For day to day care of an epoxy resin worktop, you need to make sure to wipe up any and all leaks and spills right away with towels or a rag. A smart option is a chamois cloth because it is gentle and highly absorbent. Other types of non-abrasive household cleaners you can use on a daily basis include mild dish soap and Murphy’s oil.

Handling Major Spills

If a major spill occurs that the cleaners above may not be able to handle, you can also use acetone or paint thinner to clean the surface. This helps to ensure the surface remains safe and clean for use in the future. The only note is to make sure you are mindful of the fumes. These cleaners can be hazardous if used without ventilation.

Caring for an epoxy resin worktop isn’t difficult, but you do need to understand what you should and should not do.

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