Commercial Roofing Companies in Charleston, SC Keep Roofs Save

If you own or manage a commercial building, sooner or later you will have to face some roofing issue. It is amazing how often roofing is ignored or taken for granted, until a leak is discovered or some other bigger issue comes up. The owner or manager of any building should have their roof inspected at least once a year. This is how major roofing problems get avoided. It is much easier and cheaper to find and fix small roof problems than it is the roof is ignored until a major problem sneaks up on you. Commercial Roofing companies in Charleston, SC can provide you with a roof inspection and certification every year and guarantee the roof against problems.

Once a problem with your roof is discovered, it is smart to use professionals to get it fixed. Their experience will help them to make sure that the true root of the problem is found and fixed right. Very often a leak will develop in one area but it seems to be discovered in some other area. This is because once the water gets under the roofing materials it will travel to the lowest point that gravity will take it. Then the water will pool until it causes enough damage to break through the inside ceiling.

Make sure that you find and make use of a company that is well experienced in commercial. Some companies will work on both residential and commercial roofs and as a result may not be up to date on the latest commercial roofing materials that become available. Their experience will be split between the two completely different roofing types so they may not have as much experience as you really need.

Once you find several specialist for Commercial Roofing companies in Charleston, SC, make sure that you get on-site estimates for each one so you can compare prices. You will also want to do your “Due diligence” research. Here a few things you will want to be sure to check for:

Are They Licensed and Bonded

Can they provide proof of good “general liability insurance”

Do they readily provide professional references

Do they offer a guaranty on their work and warranties on all materials used

Do they avoid the use of high pressure tactics to try to sell you on more work than you needed.

Your roof can last many years if you just take care of it. Visit Powell Roofing, LLC at for more roofing solutions.