Crane Rental Options for in Dallas – How to Select the Best Crane

by | Feb 26, 2024 | Crane Service

The right crane truck rental in Dallas can make a complicated job easier. However, the act of finding it is the tough part. If you need a path to follow, here are some guidelines.


A tall crane needs to be safe. You cannot just select the tallest crane that’s available to you because one of the biggest obstacles that you could face during a project are strong wind gusts. If the wind will be a factor, always go with a tower crane. It’s the best solution for high-risk jobs.

Figure Out the Weight Load

Next, you’ll need to determine what you’re going to lift with your crane. Certain cranes are fit for specific jobs. For instance, a stacker crane is the best crane for concrete slabs.

Cranes and Their Purpose

If you want to select a crane based on its features, you’ll need to know what options are on the market. The most popular options are hydraulic, rough-terrain, truck-mounted, and crawler cranes.

The Top Picks

When it comes to challenging jobs, you can’t go wrong with a hydraulic crane or a rough-terrain model. A hydraulic crane is the most common type of crane for construction jobs. It has a hydraulic boom that can lift concrete blocks and steel beams.

A rough-terrain crane is fit for mining locations and oil fields. It’s very mobile because it has four-wheel drive.

Explore the World of Crane Truck Rentals in Dallas

No matter if you need a tall crane or a mobile crane truck rental in Dallas, La Grange Service, Inc has you covered; to learn more about this company, visit their website.

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