Essential Considerations When Choosing Pipeline Companies For Alberta Projects

In 2016, Alberta was responsible for the production of almost 80 percent of all the crude oil produced in Canada. The industry also provides innovation and advancement of the technology that is used in the oil and gas industry throughout the world.

Most of this development and improvement of technology, including increased safety and quality control of facilities construction through to pipeline operation, is attributed to specialized pipeline companies. With the technology and the demands for quality control in the industry, outsourcing to specialized companies is a better option for oil and gas producers as compared to trying to compete with in-house services.

A top example of one of these specialized pipeline companies is Platinum Pipefitting Inc. Offering quality control and safety management in all of their services, this is a company that works with producers to provide facilities construction, pipeline installation, and construction as well as full maintenance services.

Local Companies

Not all pipeline companies working in the province have extensive experience in working within Alberta. As there are different considerations, particularly for pipeline construction and installation, working with local companies offers significant benefits for the producer.

Not only do these local companies understand the ground conditions and weather issues in the province, but they also have experience in working through the challenges. This ensures the correct materials and construction solutions are used in all aspects of the project, creating a durable, safe pipeline.

As costs are always a factor with any type of production in the oil and gas industry, working with a local company that is competitive in their pricing of services is also an advantage. Combining efficiency and a proven track record of project on-time completion means the producer has a trusted partner for both construction and maintenance of the pipeline.