Green Roofs Vs. Cool Roofs For Commercial Roofing In Weatherford, TX

Businesses that look into energy-efficient roofing solutions for commercial roofing in Weatherford TX encounter the terms “cool roof” and “green roof.” Both of these terms describe roofing methods and materials that are designed to promote energy savings by reducing the heat transmitted from the roof to the interior of the building. Thus, they reduce the energy required to cool the building. The two terms describe very different roofs.

Cool Roofs

The term “cool roof” covers a variety of roofing materials that reflect sunlight and absorb less heat than more traditional materials like asphalt shingles. They can be installed with any type of roof, whether flat, mildly sloped, or steep. Since a light-colored surface is more reflective than a dark one, some cool roofing strategies include painting a metal roof white or covering it with a special cool-roof coating, covering an existing roof with a reflective membrane, and replacing asphalt shingles with shingles that are coated in reflective granules. If a business is replacing a roof or building a new construction, they can also consider a polyurethane foam roof with a protective coating. The foam creates a highly reflective cool roof. Cool roofs are especially valuable in a hot climate; however, they may add to winter heating costs in a cold climate.

Green Roofs

A green roof is a roof that is covered with grass and other living plants. Since plants absorb and use energy from the sunlight, they protect the roof from heat. In addition, they utilize storm water and reduce run-off because they are built on a water proof membrane with a drainage system. Typically, the plants used on a green roof are hardy plants that don’t require a lot of water or fertilizer or other tending, but some building owners enjoy utilizing roof space and choose plants for their beauty as well as their utility. One benefit of a green roof is that it provides insulation to keep heat in the building in winter.

Both cool roofs and green roofs are about 60 degrees cooler than traditional asphalt roofs. Either option can help a business save on energy in the long run. For more information about Commercial Roofing in Weatherford TX, check out Texas Energy Savers.