Gutter Replacement in Charleston SC Protects a Home’s Siding from Water Damage

Gutters are channels installed at the edge of a roof. Their job is to collect the water as it runs off the roof and carry it to a downspout. The downspout then deposits the water on the ground. It’s important to check the gutters regularly to ensure they are doing their job well. Homeowners can do this themselves by cleaning out all of the leaves and other debris and then running a stream of water through the system. If they notice water ponding in the gutters, this indicates that there is a blockage or the gutter doesn’t slope enough. If water is running down the side of the house, the gutters are leaking. These issues indicate that it’s time for Gutter Replacement in Charleston SC.

Homeowners can work with a professional roofing and gutter contractor to determine the best new gutters for their homes. If the home’s siding has water damage and the gutters don’t leak, this is a sign the gutters aren’t large enough. The contractor can recommend a deeper and wider gutter than can handle more rain in a shorter period of time. He can also examine the slope of the gutters to determine if a steeper slope is necessary. Gutter Replacement in Charleston SC is also a good time to consider adding some features, such as guards that prevent leaves and other debris from entering the gutter. They can also change the color and material of the gutter to give it more curb appeal. You can visit here to get more details.

The seams that join gutter segments are often the first place that leaks occur. Seamless gutters reduce the number of seams that can separate. The contractor measures the length of the roof edges and then makes the gutter the exact length. Seams are only made when the gutter has to turn a corner or connects with a downspout. The custom gutter is made at the site with machinery that fits in a van or truck. Seamless gutters are installed using the same techniques as traditional gutters, and they also can have leaf guards placed over them.

Carolina Gutter Company of SC, LLC is one of the roofing companies in Charleston SC that also installs gutters. Homeowners can contact them with any questions they may have about inspecting and replacing their gutters.