Important Tips by Kamloops Contractors to Avoid Water Damage

Water damage can create a huge financial, emotional, and time constraints. To prevent your home or building, here are the top six important tips to avoid water damage in your home:

  1. Disconnect Hoses: Hoses that are connected to the pipes often create ice blocks that not only prevent water flow, but it is among the leading cause of damage to the adjacent walls and floors. When not in use, disconnect hoses to prevent problems.
  2. Clean Gutters: Just like everything, regular cleaning of gutters ensures that there are no ice dams and blockage. Unmanaged waterflow and standing water may create puddles that will damage the foundations.
  3. Remove Trees and Shrubs: While landscaping seems attractive, it is best to avoid planting trees near pipes and water openings. Roots of these plants often wrap around the underground pipes resulting in irreparable damage.
  4. Water Main: Do you know the location of your water main in your house? When going on vacation or leaving the house for an extended period, turn off the water main to stop faucet drips that can wreak havoc.
  5. Fix Leaks: If there are signs of moisture and water damage, it’s better to take prompt action because delays can increase mold and dry rot. Remember, your home insurance may only cover accidental damage but water damage due to lack of maintenance is usually not covered by the insurance provider.
  6. Install a Detector: You can buy a small water detector to get immediate notification of moisture. These small devices can beep an alarm when in contact with the moisture.

If you require immediate help from water, fire, and wind damage, Kamloops Contractors can help safeguard your property. Kamloops Contractors have 37 years of experience in building restoration services in and around Thompson Valley. Pick up your phone and call us for 24/7 emergency services.