Issues in Which to Acquire Foundation Services in Hawaii

The composure of Hawaiian soil can pose a lot of different stresses on the foundation of a home. Shifting soil, rainy weather and the high salt content can wreak havoc on the foundation. These are some of the signs to look for in regards to a potential breach in the foundation. To keep from having to pay for massive repairs, regular inspections can help identify issues before they get really bad.

Cracking along the walls is a sign that the foundation is shifting. This can occur after a major shift such as an earthquake or minor shifts such as normally moist soil drying out. Any shifting in the soil can cause stress on the foundation. Call the Foundation Services in Hawaii for an evaluation to determine if the integrity has been compromised during a ground shift.

The green or black growth on the foundation walls is another sign of possible issues. In this case, the foundation is absorbing too much water. Since water is a naturally enemy of concrete, it is highly likely that there are other issues going on. Insects are also attracted to foundations that are absorbing a high amount of water. Eventually, all of this moisture will cause cracking and wide-spread mold growth. The water can also seep up into the wood supports and deteriorate the support beams.

Uneven floors are another indication that a problem with the foundation might be occurring. While it is possible that the floor beams have deteriorated, a slope to one side of the house is likely due to a major shift in the foundation levels. Call the Foundation Services in Hawaii for a full evaluation. Foundations that have sunk or cracked as a result of the shifting can put the entire house at risk. This type of repair is typically more extensive than crack repairs. But since this is a potential safety issue, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Hawaii has its own unique environment. While it is a great place to live, it can wreak havoc on foundations. Any foundation issues should be addressed as soon as possible. Visit the website if any of these issues are discovered with a regular inspection.