Learn About the Purpose of Concrete Cutting in Fort Myers, FL

by | Dec 29, 2023 | Demolition Contractor

When concrete gets poured, it’s important to cut expansion joints. The expansion joints prevent the concrete from cracking. Concrete cutting in Fort Myers, FL can be a difficult task. However, cutting expansion joints is a detailed precision job. You need to know a lot, such as the best time to cut, the best cutting techniques, and where to place the cut.

One of the primary reasons for concrete cutting in Fort Myers, FL is that when concrete is poured and starts to dry, it will shrink as it gets harder. Eventually, the concrete condenses into one solid mass. Moisture evaporates from the concrete as it gets hard. During this process, there is an increased chance of concrete cracking and having what is known as shrinkage cracks. There are several things that can affect shrinkage cracks, including the tensile strength of the concrete, its elasticity, and the weather outside.

Controlled cuts can help minimize the number of random cracks that appear in the concrete by selectively choosing where to create weak points. This forces cracks to form along the cuts instead of appearing in more obvious, unsightly places. Concrete professionals need to understand the best time to cut the concrete. If you cut too early, this can lead to a phenomenon called traveling, creating an unsightly edge along the cuts that are made. If the cuts are done too late, it can lead to more random cracking.

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