Paving Contractors in Middletown CT Provide Service for Crack Repair, Pothole Filling and Larger Projects

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

Paving Contractors in Middletown CT provide crack sealing and pothole filling services to owners of parking lots and private roads. Some work on municipal and county projects as well. Crack repair and the filling of potholes prevent further damage to the area, and this work must be completed before sealcoating of the pavement begins.

Optimal Conditions

The work is generally only done at certain times because conditions should be optimal. Paving Contractors in Middletown CT want the cracks to be completely dry before sealing, which means there should have been no rain or snow for a certain number of days. Even humidity levels are taken into consideration during the planning. They also make sure the area is as free of dirt and other debris as possible.

Serious Deterioration

Parking lots can take quite a beating due to heavy vehicle traffic, and back lots behind stores tend to be the worst. That’s where heavy trucks travel and park to deliver items. In addition, property owners may tend to ignore the damage as it occurs because they don’t want to spend money on repairs. Over time, countless cracks and holes develop, becoming progressively larger. Eventually, chunks of asphalt dislodge from the pavement until patches of the gravel base below are visible.

By the time the pavement has deteriorated to this degree, replacement is the only solution. Pavement contractors cannot adequately patch huge, deep potholes or wide cracks that have been left unaddressed for years. The old, broken asphalt is removed and a new gravel base is installed. New blacktop is placed above that and compacted.

Painting Service

Painting service can be provided to identify parking spaces, lanes, loading zones and other areas. Fresh blacktop and paint is very noticeable to customers who arrive at the place of business, and they view this work favorably. This final step can be done after a full repaving project or after resurfacing. During resurfacing, the workers remove the top portion of the asphalt while leaving the rest in place. They then place new blacktop. When a business owner is ready to start getting estimates, a contractor like Sullivan Paving is ready to respond.

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