Professional Help For Drainage Problems in Your Commercial Landscape

It is not uncommon for a landscaped area to develop drainage problems over time. There can be natural erosion due to high water and rainfall levels which create unexpected water flow into an area. There can also be changes as newly landscaped areas settle or when neighboring properties are landscaped or graded, and runoff is now coming onto your commercial property.

Signs of Drainage Problems In Your Commercial Landscape

The most obvious signs of drainage problems in your commercial landscape will be noted immediately after a rainstorm or heavy watering. The water will pool in specific areas of the property. These areas will stay moist and even muddy, often for days after the rest of the lawn or garden area is dry.

Other issues which will occur when there are drainage problems in your commercial landscape are plant and lawn death. This occurs from root rot, and it can kill even established lawns, trees, and shrubs.

There is also compaction of the soil where the water sits. This turns already low-lying areas into more significant depressions, which will continue in a cycle.

What to Do

Hiring professional landscaping services is the best way to address commercial property drainage problems. It is possible to use natural methods, such as specific landscaped areas, the addition of gardens, shrubs or trees as well as grading and filling in areas of runoff to eliminate standing water on the property.

When there are significant runoff or drainage issues, a landscaper may recommend a drainage system. This is the most effective option and provides a lasting solution to move water from areas where grading or other methods would be difficult or extremely costly.

Hiring professional landscaping services with experience in drainage management will be important. The goal should be to create the most effective system to remove the excess water with a limited disturbance of current landscaping as possible.