Protection Against Falling off Roofs in Pennsylvania Isn’t That Difficult

Pennsylvania has hundreds of very old and very large homes. Going up on the roofs of these homes to do repairs or to re-shingle the roofs is dangerous work. Falling is definitely a possibility, which is why you might avoid taking on such projects. However, there are several pieces of equipment that can help you stay on a roof, avoid injury and avoid falls, and let you accept contract work for these big homes.

Standing Seam Roof Tools

Standing seam roof tools are devices that secure to the top seams (or ridgepoles) of roofs. They create a tight grip that will not come loose until you remove these tools. Attached to these tools are anchoring hooks that can withstand sudden jerks and hold a couple hundred pounds of weight. When you put on a harness with a lead that clicks into these anchors you have the safety and security of knowing that you will not fall all the way to the ground. The seam roof anchor will prevent that from happening.

The Harness and Lead

Usually, a lead for roofing work is rarely longer than eight or ten feet. You have to use your judgement (or measure!) the distance from the top of the roof seam to the ground and choose the corresponding length of lead that does not come all the way to the ground. The harness has weight restrictions and guidelines; if you follow those guidelines, you will be fine. Check out Metal Roof Anchors & Safety Equipment Supplier – Fall Protection Distributors, LLC via .