Which restroom hand dryer is best?

People that are charged with the responsibility of managing a large facility such as an office tower, a shopping center or a sporting venue are faced with many problems that must be solved, one of them to buy a restroom hand dryer for each of the restrooms in the facility.

Consider high speed hand dryers:

Electric hand dryers have been commercially available since the mid 1940s, since that time there has been many different designs and each generation of product gets better. When you buy a restroom hand dryer today you will be surprised at just how fast they are, rather than 45 seconds to dry hands properly, the same job can be done in ten seconds. Not only are they fast, they are energy efficient and of course, there are no problems with keeping paper towel dispensers filled and trash taken out.

Benefits of high speed hand dryers:

When patrons or employees use the restroom they have their reasons, and the reason is not to linger. People have far better things to do than stay in a public restroom. A high speed restroom hand dryer gets more people in and out of the restroom and these units are more energy efficient than ever before.

Consider automatic hand dryers:

When you buy a restroom hand dryer you have many choices, anything from simple push-button operated units through HEPA filtered automatic, hands free units. Automatic hand dryers are ideal, the person using the machine does not come into contact with it; there is absolutely no chance of bacteria transfer between users.

An automatic hand dryer is extremely hygienic, it also saves money. These units start when they sense hands are in front of the outlet and they stop when the hands are withdrawn, they do not continue to run until the completion of a cycle.