Shopping for Hand Dryers? Here are 5 Buying Tips

Hand dryers bring a lot of benefits to the table: it’s cost-effective, green and it works. However, there are plenty of electric hand dryers for bathrooms out there. How do you make sure you pick the right one?

Check energy efficiency

These dryers might set you back more in upfront costs. But the cost-savings in the long run will more than make these a worthwhile buy. You’ll be able to recoup the amount of money you spent on those dryers in no time. So check the energy efficiency levels before buying one, says GreenBiz.

Go for high speed dryers

These are the most cost-efficient units in the lot. If you must go for a dryer, give this out a try first. With faster drying times, you’ll get much more use of that that dryer especially if you have a lot of customers that use the bathroom on a daily basis.

Go for a noiseless option

One caveat about using high speed dryers is that they’re noisy. Automatic hand dryers make for a much better option if you want to ensure proper hand drying facilities without the noise.

Go with a durable option

Not all dryers demonstrate the same level of durability. If you’re putting in those dryers at a hotel, school or restaurant, you’ll want to go with a dryer that can stand heavy use.

Review the warranty

Before you buy those electric hand dryers for bathroom use, don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of the warranty. If you can’t seem to decide between two options that offer you more or less the same benefits in terms of features and cost-savings, then go with the one that offers a better warranty.

Choosing the right dryer for your bathroom can help you reduce your energy bills. So, keep these buying tips in mind when you shop for one.