Signs to that Snow Removal in Appleton is Needed

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Snow can be as beautiful as it is damaging to the roof. Too much of it can cause the roof to leak or an entire collapse. Not many roofs are designed to handle large piles of snow. Because of the inherent hazards, snow needs to be removed before it causes problems. These are some indications that there is too much snow on the roof.

If ice is visible at the roof line, then Snow Removal in Appleton is needed. Ice forms as the weather shifts from melting temperatures to colder temperatures. The snow already on the roof is forming this ice cycle. If allowed to accumulate, the ice layer will continue to develop until it becomes very thick. At this point, removal of the ice is nearly impossible, and it is likely that damage has already been done.

Avalanches are common when roofs have reached their capacity for snow. Avalanches are very unpredictable. They can also cause damage to things that are caught under them. When combined with icicles from the gutter, these avalanches are potentially deadly. Reducing the amount of snow is critical since it can turn into a major safety hazard. A controlled removal can prevent this from happening.

Leakage inside the home after a snowfall is another indication of the need for Snow Removal in Appleton. Accumulating snow can get very heavy. If the weight of all of that snow is driving water into the home, it needs to be removed as soon as possible. The roof can handle only so much weight before it completely collapses. Leakage in multiple areas indicates the need for a thorough inspection of the roof structure and beams. All snow must be removed before repairs to the roof can be completed. While it is not ideal to fix roofs in the winter, this is the time they are most susceptible to damage.

Snow is a big contributor to wintertime damage of roofs. Because of the potentially hazardous conditions that result from too much snow, it should be removed before it reaches that point. Check out visit us website for more information on snow removal or to schedule an appointment.

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