Should You Hire A Painting Contractor?

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Regardless of whether the painting job is inside or out, these are necessary projects that every homeowner is faced with and at one time or another have tried to handle themselves. Painting your own home for the first time sounds simple and most new homeowners are more than willing to attempt it; however, those people that have tried it only to find out how difficult it really is and how hard it is to get an acceptable result are convinced the best approach is to leave the job to a painting contractor in San Antonio. If you are still debating whether to go it alone or hire a professional, here are a few things to think about before you decide.

Interior painting projects:

Because the weather does not play a role in interior painting projects there is greater leeway. It is easier to get closer to a professional result when you opt to paint the interior yourself but there are still considerations. To ensure a professional result you must know the correct paint to purchase, you must pay particular attention to preparation of the surfaces, you must have a good feel for taping technique and you will be faced with buying or renting a high quality sprayer. It is worth getting a few estimates; you may find that hiring a painting contractor in San Antonio is well worth it when you consider the time and material costs associated with doing it yourself.

Exterior painting projects:

Exterior painting is far more difficult than interior work, if a homeowner is going to get into trouble; this is where it will happen. The paint choice plays a huge role in the results; the wrong choice can result in premature aging and less than perfect protection of the surface. It is not difficult to justify hiring a painting contractor in San Antonio for these tasks; the pros are better versed at choosing the right paint for the job, they also have all the equipment needed which includes expensive scaffolding and ladders. When you consider the amount of work required to properly prepare the surface and paint it properly the best choice is to go with the pros, no doubt about it.

Painting properly is a skill that comes from years of experience, cutting corners, improper surface preparation and trying to get the job done quickly all add up to a less than impressive result, furthermore, you will have to redo the job years before you would have to if it had been done right.

When you hire a painting contractor in San Antonio you can be assured of a job that will last many years and the finished project will look great. If you are considering interior or exterior painting you are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling.

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