Replace That Faulty Roof With Superior Residential Roofing in Cleburne, TX

Most structures in the Cleburne area use some sort of asphalt product for protecting the building. The main reason for this is the low cost of replacing an aging roof. The real problem when considering replacement Residential Roofing in Cleburne TX, is not what product to use, but which will provide the most protection for the longest period of time. This is much more important than many people realize because a budget asphalt roof may need to be replaced multiple times before a more durable metal roof fails.

That is not to imply that there aren’t any good asphalt options because there are at least two that should suit many homeowners. The first is usually known as composite shingles and was originally designed to simulate the look of slate roofing. The alternate asphalt material for Residential Roofing in Cleburne TX, is the laminated shingle. The majority of manufacturers that produce these products will typically offer a fifty-year warranty or one for the life of the home.

The differences between these two products are due to the way they are made. Laminated shingles use a composite material with an extra layer over the back of the shingle. This makes them extra thick and more durable. To give the laminated shingle a bit of style, the top is textured using random shapes.

Composite shingles are made with additional layers of shingle over the top, typically two or three. This creates a thicker shingle area. Because they were initially designed to simulate slate, the composite shingle uses its thickness and unique edges to create shadows.

Another way to get a durable roof is to use a metal product such as copper or steel. Copper is much more expensive, so it is generally used as a decorative option. However, a properly installed copper roof could last over a century. Steel, on the other hand, needs to be properly treated to avoid corrosion. One possible method for this is zinc galvanizing. Another would be properly baked-on products that stick to the metal.

If metal roofing is the solution of choice, there are several types to choose from. Typical metal roofs use the standing seam. This is a thin, overlapping seam that prevents water from seeping past the ridge. The next choice is the raised beam roof. This often looks similar to the standing seam model, but the seams are boxier.