The Benefits of Electric Hand Dryers

If you’re a building manager or have responsibility over maintaining restrooms in a public building, you have a lot of responsibility. Depending on how much traffic you get in the building, your restrooms could take a lot of abuse. Plus, you want to keep a professional atmosphere and ensure that the restrooms are clean and provide all the sanitary amenities a person would need. There has long been a debate over which is superior: electric hand dryers or paper towel dispensers. Each has its pros and cons. Consider why dryers are the way to go.

Environmentally Friendly

Every public restroom has a different number of users, but even if you have moderate traffic, the number of paper towels you would need for your restroom can be considerable. The waste these used towels create adds up over time, filling up landfills at alarming rates. Wall-mounted hand dryers won’t give you this problem. They are an excellent solution to the goal of going green.

Save Money

Speaking of green, what business doesn’t need to save more money? By switching from paper towels to electric hand dryers, you can completely eliminate the cost for the paper product and save your organization precious cash. By going with the alternative, you can use your money if other areas of the business, all while continuing to provide the sanitary service people are looking for.

Increase Cleanliness

Most people at one time or another have used a public restroom with anxiety and trepidation. Face it, there are some unsightly bathrooms around, even if they’re not well used. Regular cleanings are essential, of course, but think how much nicer and orderly you can keep your public restroom simply by eliminating paper towels. Used towels strewn all over the floor can be a thing of the past. Wet towels littering the bathroom, stuck in the sinks of piled up by the door by apathetic users who aren’t concerned about getting them in the garbage will no longer be a problem. By installing electric hand dryers in your restroom, you immediately cut down on the clutter.

Simple and Efficient

Custodial crews won’t have to worry about loading paper towel dispensers, which can easily become stuck and not function properly. Likewise, bathroom patrons won’t have to deal with jammed towels or empty dispensers. Dryers require little maintenance and work with the simple push of a button. Some models work simply by putting a hand underneath.

Make the switch that will save you money and that will help the environment. Ditch the towels and get electric hand dryers for your public restroom today.