What Does An Excavator in Minnesota Do?

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

If you played with Tonka trucks as a child, you are probably familiar with the different types of construction vehicles. For example, bulldozers flatten things, dump trucks haul heavy loads of dirt or gravel, and a crane lifts heavy things. Another piece of equipment is an excavator. What does an excavator do?

An Excavator in Minnesota is a large hydraulic construction vehicle that consists of two main parts: a base on rolling tracks and a boom arm with a bucket attached to the end. The bucket is used to move earth by digging or grading soil, and it can also be used to tear down buildings. The machines come in different sizes and are suitable for different types of jobs. A high reach excavator is used for demolition of tall buildings in lieu of explosives. The high reach excavator is becoming more common nowadays than the wrecking ball and crane. A long reach excavator, on the other hand, is designed for deep digging. For example, it is used for removing material from under water.

Excavators are used to prepare a site for construction. Once the surveying crew has determined the property boundaries and established the desired grade for proper drainage, the excavator then clears the land of any obstructions. This can even include a building that needs to be demolished and removed. Once the land is clear, the excavator digs out the foundation or basement and compacts the soil. The excavating contractor makes sure that the earth is firmly compacted through compacting tests. This task is important because it will protect the foundation from later damage through settling. Once the foundation is laid, the excavator backfills the soil and grades the land according to the surveryor’s determination.

An excavator also does many other types of jobs, all involving digging, grading, and demolition. An excavator is essential for digging a swimming pool or a pond. The machine also digs trenches for water or gas lines or underground piping. They are also used to build and grade roads, such as in access road installation. Most types of demolition require an excavator to undermine a building to make it collapse. A few other uses include debris removal, stump removal, concrete tear outs, construction site clean up, and skid steer work.

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