What Siding Companies Near Hoffman Estates Want Homeowners to Know

Siding is an important part of a home’s construction. When it’s damaged or installed wrong, it can’t do its job. Siding companies near Hoffman Estates want homeowners to know how to maintain their siding to keep it looking better and doing its job longer.

How to Clean the Siding

Siding doesn’t need cleaning all the time, but it needs a little TLC sometimes. Homes in the area have wood, vinyl, fiber cement, and steel siding. Each of these types of siding gives homes a different look, but they all have one thing in common. Each requires annual cleaning. The only exception is fiber cement siding, which can get by with a cleaning every three years.

When cleaning the siding, be gentle. Many homeowners use power washers. While this equipment delivers faster, more powerful cleaning, it can damage siding if not done carefully. Unless the siding is exceptionally dirty, using a mild detergent, a soft brush, and a garden hose gets the job done.

Staining and Painting

Wood, fiber, and steel siding need repainting to keep looking their best. Fiber cement, because of its durability, doesn’t need painting often. Once every 10-20 years suffices. If one chooses to paint steel siding, it only needs repainting when it starts to fade. Wood siding needs the most attention, requiring repainting every five years and sealing every two.

Don’t want to worry about painting? Install vinyl siding, a low-maintenance product.

Homeowners who have more questions should contact siding companies near Hoffman Estates. Get in touch with experts at Showalter Roofing Services online today.