A Bathroom Remodel in Pittsburgh Can Help You Better Utilize Space

Is your bathroom small? Do you want to remodel the space but are not sure how to proceed with the process? If so, you need to look at the methods used to enhance a small bathroom space.

Some of the Features You May Want to Consider

A bathroom remodel in Pittsburgh for a smaller bath may include the following features or changes:

*When planning the design, get rid of anything that projects from the walls. This is imperative if your bathroom is narrow and small. For example, you may want to take off a towel bar from your wall and place it on the back of a door.

*Install a glass enclosure for your shower to give your bathroom the illusion of space. By taking this approach, you can get rid of some visual clutter. Choose a clear enclosure that features a minimum amount of hardware.

*Install hooks behind the bathroom door for robes or for pouches that hold smaller supplies.

*Select a smaller vanity. Either select a wall-mounted sink or basic pedestal design.

*Use uplighting to create a higher ceiling. Add sconces in your bathroom to achieve this type of upgrade.

*Place the floor tiles for your bathroom remodel diagonally. Use bigger tiles that display thinner grout lines to give the illusion of more floor space.

*Install a recessed medicine cabinet with a mirror. Recessed cabinets come in various widths and heights to support all types of small bathroom designs.

*Replace the shower curtain with a glass shower door.

Follow the Rule of Two

Besides implementing the above ideas for your bathroom remodel, you also need to consider what paint colors you will use. For example, you do not want to use more than two paint colors. If you paint your bathroom more than two different hues, you will make it look too distracting. You will also want to steer clear of busy wallpaper designs.

Again, the idea is to make your small bathroom look more sophisticated and larger. You can obtain the support you need in this respect when you work with a kitchen and bathroom design company. Make an online visit to know more today, and put the plans in motion for your new bathroom renovation.