Advantages of Hiring a Concrete Paving Service for a Parking Lot

Business owners who want to have a parking lot paved must decide whether to get the job done with asphalt or hire a Concrete Paving Service In Atlanta, GA. Asphalt tends to be more affordable, which is a primary reason so many parking lots are paved with this material. However, concrete has advantages that should be considered before making a decision. It can be more suitable for a hot climate, and it requires less maintenance.

The Atlanta, GA area is known for having a large number of hot days throughout the summer, and even in the spring and fall. Concrete tends to be a better material during hot weather for two reasons. First, asphalt gets hotter than concrete does in the sunshine because it’s dark. Even though customers and employees probably won’t be traversing the parking lot barefoot, heat rising from the blacktop makes the area warmer than it would be otherwise. Also, asphalt gets soft in the heat, which doesn’t happen with concrete. Vehicles parked on soft asphalt for hours on end can start leaving tire indentations in the pavement.

Interestingly, that lighter color of material as installed by a concrete paving service also means less lighting is needed for the parking lot. There is a certain amount of light reflection happening that is minimal with asphalt. Experts note that a concrete parking lot of the same size as a blacktop lot needs only 70 percent of the lighting as the asphalt installation.

Asphalt requires a certain amount of maintenance, typically at least annually. Although this region does not experience the repetitive freezing and thawing that causes havoc with pavement in northern realms, asphalt can still develop flaws that turn into potholes and must be filled. It tends to crumble along the edges as the months pass and must be shored up along the perimeter. Asphalt also deteriorates significantly when heavy vehicles like delivery and semi trucks travel across it routinely. These are not issues with concrete.

A company such as Blackjack Paving will give potential customers the pertinent information on both materials so property owners can make an informed decision. Please visit the website for details on this particular contractor. You can also connect them on Facebook.