Choosing Between Gutter Repair and Gutter Replacement

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Roofing Contractor

For most homeowners among us, gutters aren’t something we think about often. As long as they are doing their job the way they should be, it’s easy to forget they even exist. This can lead to issues as time and the changing of seasons can take a toll on the integrity of your gutter system. While gutters can last anywhere from 25 to 60 years, depending on the material they are constructed from, that only happens with timely maintenance.

If you have a gutter issue, you may be wondering whether you need gutter repair or gutter replacement in Boston, MA. We’ll explain below.

Extent of Damage

When you have a major problem that involves a large portion of the gutter, replacement can be a reasonable option. For those with smaller problems, repair may be able to handle the issue without a full replacement being required. We’ll look at the differences below.

Situations for Repair

  • Damage involves only an area or two on the gutter. Localized problems can often be repaired or replaced in only the problem areas.
  • Damage consists of only a few cracks or small holes. In most cases, this type of problem can be rectified using sealant or metal flashing.
  • Leak on a single joint. Checking the tightness of the joint and screwing it in tighter may resolve the issue. The sealant may also be required to prevent further leaking.
  • Some hangars appear to be loose. This can often be fixed by realigning the hangers and installing new screws.

Situations for Replacement

  • Large problem areas across the gutter. Long cracks or problems along the entire gutter may not be repairable and will require replacement of an entirely new gutter.
  • Water damage is seen in the soil. If you notice water damage to the soil, it can mean that your gutter system is faulty. This is something a gutter replacement technician should take care of.
  • Noticeable dents are along the gutter. Accidents happen, but large dents can cause major problems to the gutter as a whole. You may need to have the damaged portion, or the entire gutter, replaced.

Excellent Gutter Replacement in Boston, MA

If you need the assistance of an experienced gutter technician, there is nowhere better to turn than Carroll Sons Inc. We would be happy to offer you a free estimate for your gutter problems.

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