Don’t Let The Illinois Winter Chill You Out

It is not only the Chicagoland region of Illinois that gets subjected to extremely cold weather every year. Temperatures throughout the State can rise to a record high of 117 °F in the hot, humid summers and then drop to a record −37 °F in a severe winter. From December through to March; the Windy City’s average temperature rarely goes above zero and April, May, October & November cannot really be said to be all that warm – especially during the night.

The HVAC Industry Makes Illinois Comfortably Habitable

True, for most of us, air conditioning is usually a must during June, July & August; but, for a major part of the year; we are probably going to be switching on some form of indoor heating (at least to take the chill away). This means that homeowners and building managers have to pay close attention to maintaining their HVAC systems – not only ensuring the fuel supply; but also ensuring that all equipment is in good running order and set to go the moment it is needed.

Regular, Scheduled Inspection And Preventative Maintenance

What could be worse (after a pleasant summer) than to find – on the day the weather turns to wintery – that you flip the switch to start up your furnace and bring some warmth back; but nothing happens. Something has gone wrong since you shut down the furnace at the end of spring. Such an occurrence would probably have been avoided had you taken advantage of the summer weather to have your furnace checked out while it was not in use.

The Furnace May Heat More Than Air

Many HVAC systems also use the furnace to heat water in a boiler, for piping to wherever it is needed, and such a furnace will be running all year round. This does not mean that you should skip inspections and preventative maintenance. When you rely on the furnace and its associated equipment; you do not want to wait until it fails and then frantically try to find a Chicago heating repair service. However, even the best laid plans can go wrong; so, the wise will always keep the contact number handy for emergency call out use.

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