Why Exterior Home Doors in South Jersey Are Often Made of Steel

One of the quickest ways to add value and beauty to a home is to replace exterior doors. That is why many New Jersey homeowners upgrade doors when they are selling or want to spruce up properties.

Although residents can choose from many beautiful materials, replacement Home Doors in South Jersey are often made of energy-efficient steel. Buyers can choose from a wide variety of stylish, secure doors that require little care to remain beautiful.

Suppliers Offer a Range of Elegant Steel Doors

Steel Home Doors in South Jersey bear little resemblance to the metal versions used on commercial buildings. Residential products are available in a range of styles and colors. There are versions to match any decorating theme.

Stock products are sold in almost any height and width. Many include architectural features such as transoms or glass inserts. Customers can even order custom versions, and some manufacturers’ websites include a “click here” option that allows customers to design their own doors.

Steel Doors Increase Home Security

Homeowners often install steel entry doors in order to make homes safer. During break-ins, it is common for intruders to kick doors in. Unfortunately, that is very easy if doors are hollow or made of lightweight materials. The typical steel entry door will dent but not break under extreme pressure.

If homeowners also install secure locking systems, it becomes nearly impossible to get into homes through steel doors. They are also safer than many other styles because, in a fire, steel will not burn the way most material does.

Low Maintenance Steel Doors Are Energy Efficient

Easy to maintain steel doors also help homeowners keep homes more comfortable while reducing energy usage. Doors include inner layers made of insulating foam designed to trap cold or heat.

They are so effective at reducing energy loss that most doors pay for themselves in a short time. Steel can also withstand years of harsh weather and still look beautiful. Although they may need to be repainted from time to time, doors will easily last for decades.

Homeowners who want especially secure exterior doors often choose styles made of fire and weather resistant steel. Suppliers offer steel doors in a huge range of beautiful colors and styles. They are energy-efficient, need little maintenance and stay beautiful for many years.