Louvre Roof Systems: How They’re Beneficial

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Screen Store

As you well know, Australia is known for its extremely hot summers and rain showers/storms that never seem to end. It puts a damper on most people’s idea of fun, especially if you like to be outdoors. You probably have a patio or pergola and wish that there was a way to keep out the wind and rain without having to go inside. A louvre roof system allows you to do just that. The slats are designed to let in natural light and airflow when the weather conditions are right. The slats can be closed fully to keep out rain and sunlight at times, which makes them ideal for almost any home and situation.

Louvre roof systems can be fitted with electronic systems that allow you to open and close them with the press of a button. That way, you don’t have to get soaking wet to close them if a sudden downpour pops up. Plus, it’s safer that way because you don’t have to climb a ladder to shut or open them. Of course, the materials used for the roofing system are durable and sturdy to withstand the rain, wind, and sunlight. You can also choose from a variety of colours and styles to meet your home’s décor needs.

CommandeX offers many products to help you achieve your goals of keeping your home secure and comfortable. The louvre roof system is designed to help you control shade, light, and your environment. You can change them based on the weather or your particular needs, giving you the ability to have an all-season patio. You can let in the sunlight, close them for shade and to protect yourself and your furniture from rain, or keep them partially open. You’ve got a variety of options for customisation, making this roofing system a bespoke option to meet all of your needs.

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