New Vinyl Pools in Islip, NY: A Few Things To Consider

by | May 25, 2016 | Swimming Pools and Spas

So, the decision’s been made to install a swimming pool. That’s a big step to be taking. A swimming pool typically represents an initial investment of $20,000 or much greater. On top of that are the ongoing maintenance costs to keep the pool clean and in good repair throughout the year. No matter how the pie is sliced, a pool is going to cost a great deal of money. But if money is no object, and the luxury of a swimming pool is too great a life perk to pass up, go for it. The question then becomes what type of pool will be installed. One option to consider is a vinyl-lined pool.

There are numerous reasons to seek out a dealer for New Vinyl Pools in Islip, NY. Vinyl pools cost less than $20,000. They are built on a steel frame which can be configured in a variety of shapes. The vinyl lining is conformed to this configuration and is maintained in its shape by water pressure. Vinyl pools usually can be installed in days as opposed to weeks for a fiberglass pool and four months for a plaster, or cement pool. And when the time comes to replace the liner, the shape of the pool can be reconfigured. This allows for a variety of shapes over the long term. The advantages of flexible low-cost material combined with flexibility in configuration makes the vinyl pool a very attractive option. In terms of maintenance, vinyl pools are attractive given that vinyl is both stain- and algae-resistant. Taking all factors into consideration down through a stretch of years, a vinyl pool is actually a far better investment since the cost of a replacement liner is far less than a whole new pool made from fiberglass or plaster.

Dealers for new vinyl pools in Islip, NY offer full consultation with the homeowner to determine just what the final goal of the pool project is. Visit us at this website so that you can explore all the reasons why vinyl is the best option when it comes to making the choice for investment in a backyard swimming pool.

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