When to Upgrade Pool Pumps in Winchester, VA

Advanced technology has been used to develop new Pool Pumps Winchester VA that are more energy-efficient, flexible, and suitable for a variety of needs and swimming habits. Current pumps that have been in operation for five years or longer are costing owners a substantial amount of money in electricity. Those are primarily single speed pumps that run at full power for several hours each day the pool is being used. It may be less expensive to replace those than it is to keep using them.

Newer pumps have a variety of features that accommodate a range of pool habits. Pool Pumps Winchester VA with two speeds, for example, can be operating at the lower speed when the pool is not occupied and then switched to the higher speed when in use. That can save owners as much as sixty percent on utility bills. It also prolongs the life of the pump because it is not running full speed all the time. That is especially beneficial to those who use the pool for only a few hours per day or on weekends. Programmable pumps are also available for convenience. They can be set to switch to the higher speed one hour before the pool will be used and switch back to the lower speed at a particular time. Click here for more details.

Upgrading Pool Pumps Winchester VA is also wise when the pool is upgraded. Adding a water feature, placing a slide into the pool, or surrounding it with decking will necessitate a more powerful pump. The pump is essential to the proper operation of any pool. It draws water from the pool into the filtration system to clean it and keep it circulating. The clean water is pumped back into the pool in a continuous motion to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. An upgrade will keep the pool clean and clear even with more use and more exposure to debris.

Have the pump inspected by a professional from an experienced pool company, such as Al Shirley & Son Inc, to determine if an upgrade is needed. The technician will also be able to inform owners if a newer pump will save them money in operating costs.