Planning your Bathroom Conversion

Converting your bathtub to a shower will make your bathroom seem larger and more modern, as well as allow better access to those with limited mobility. If you want to convert your bathtub in San Antonio, you are not alone. Bathtub to shower conversions are becoming more popular, making it a practical update for homeowners looking to modernize. But before undertaking any sort of remodel, it is important to know what you’re getting yourself into.


Most walk-in showers require a floor space of at least 30”x30” and a height of 80”. It is also important to have at least 15 inches of space between the shower wall and the side of your toilet. This increases to 21” if your shower will be placed in front of the toilet. If your shower includes a swinging door, make sure to account for the added space when deciding where the shower will be placed.

You should also decide whether you are willing to move plumbing, which can increase costs, or if you would rather use the same space which was previously occupied by your tub.


Material costs can add up over time, especially if you have never done a remodel project before. Inaccurate measuring, sawing, etc. can be problematic for those who have no experience in this area.

If you have worked on remodels, and feel confident in your ability to complete the project yourself, some of the materials you will need are:

   * Plywood to protect your floor
   * A Prybar
   * A drywall saw
   * Jigsaw
   * Wrench
   * Screwdriver
   * Putty knife


Once you have your placement figured out, and have acquired the appropriate tools, it is time for the demolition phase. This involves removing the drywall around your tub. Care should be taken to ensure that you do not hit any wall studs with your saw. Once your tub is released you will also have to find a way to dispose of the tub, as curbside pick-up is not an option.

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