Plastic vs. Tin Ceiling Tile Westchester NY

When it comes to ceiling tiles, there are more than a few options out there. In fact, if a homeowner has begun looking at the options, they have likely discovered that the different finishes, patterns, and colors are a bit overwhelming. However, there is a great way to determine the right type of ceiling tile for a home, especially if it is narrowed down to plastic or Tin Ceiling Tile Westchester NY -; make a pros and cons list. Here are the pros and cons of each of these types of ceiling tiles.

Tin Ceiling Tiles

Some of the facts about Tin Ceiling Tile Westchester NY include:

  • Materials: Tin tiles are typically crafted from T1 grade tin plated steel. Various thicknesses are available to choose from to ensure a durable and long lasting tile is selected.
  • Sustainability: Many tin tiles are crafted from recycled materials, and powder coated, rather than painted. This eliminates the presence of volatile organic chemicals, which can result in air quality issues over time.
  • Installation: There are there basic types of installation for Tin Ceiling Tile Westchester NY. Drop in, nail-up, and snap lock options -; each of these methods is fairly easy and something that virtually any DIYer should be able to handle.
  • Fire Rating: Most metal tin tiles come with a one-hour fire rating.

Plastic Ceiling Tiles

Plastic is also a popular option for ceiling tiles. Some details related to this tile option include:

  • Materials: In most cases, authenticity is preferred over a cheap alternative. The difference in tin and plastic is immediately recognizable.
  • Sustainability: Plastic is bad for the environment.
  • Installation: Plastic tiles can be dropped in or glued in.
  • Fire rating: Plastic is extremely flammable and will melt in just under six minutes.

It is important to consider all the options when trying to choose the right ceiling tile for a home. In most cases, tin tile options not only look better, but they are also safer and will last longer. This makes them an all-around smart investment. More information about tin ceiling tiles and why they are such a smart option can be found when a homeowner takes some time to contact us.