Things To Consider When Planning A Bathroom Remodel

The key to a successful bathroom remodeling project is blending realities and dreams. When you are in the “dream stage,” you will be focusing on color, room layout, heated floors, spa showers and more. These are all wonderful and deserve careful consideration but do not forget that under the floor and behind the walls is where a lot of money can be spent, sometimes unnecessarily.

To save headaches and hassle in the future, the time to think hard about San Antonio bathroom remodeling is long before any work is done. There are some things that are well worth considering before firming up the design.

What is your thinking?

Before you remodel, ask yourself why you are planning to do it. Are you preparing to sell the house and you want to increase the value, do you want modern fixtures and amenities or are you looking for comfort? The answers to these questions will guide your remodeling decisions and set your priorities.

The current room layout:

There is no doubt that keeping the current layout of the tub, sink, and toilet is going to be considerably less costly than moving these fixtures around. There are times, however, when changing the entire layout makes a great deal of sense. If the existing layout is awkward or not pleasing for some reason, then the time to make the change is during the bathroom remodeling project.

The budget:

Remodeling projects tend to overshoot the budget that you have set. You can help by researching costs in advance and then adding a cushion of 10 to 15 percent. During the planning stage, it is impossible to think of every detail; you can eliminate a nasty surprise with a little planning beforehand.

With careful evaluation and consideration of all that which is involved, your San Antonio bathroom remodeling project will result in a bathroom that is functional, one that you can enjoy for many years.

San Antonio bathroom remodeling is something that should be left to Shaw Company Remodeling. With years of experience, the design and build team will give you the bathroom that you have long dreamt of having.