Cutting Costs and Saving the Environment Through Eliminating Paper Towels

If simultaneously reducing your operating and maintenance costs and increasing the energy efficiency of your business sounds appealing, consider replacing each one of your paper towel dispensers with an air hand dryer. Within less than a year, the savings from no longer purchasing paper towels can outweigh the cost of the dryer and installation. The money you save can be reinvested back into your business for growth, used to improve your building or for other improvements.

The Sustainable Way To Dry Hands

The long-term environmental benefits of running hand dryers make them a viable option for any space. They last a long time, and the main source of energy comes from the electricity used each time someone dries their hands.

Additionally, paper towels need to be produced, which often leads to harmful pollutants contaminating local waterways. Once the towels are produced, they have to be transported from the paper mills to your office or space. It is no secret that paper towels also require constant replacement. They are often disposed of into plastic bags that are taken to landfills, polluting the earth even further. Fortunately, switching to hand dryers eliminates this entire process and shows your customers you value the environment and local community.

The Expense of Paper Towels Quickly Adds Up

The operation cost of a hand dryer is typically .1 cent per day. This is astronomically less than the average cost of paper towels – about 1 cent per sheet. In other words, over 100 people can dry their hands with an electric dryer for the price of a single paper towel. When you take into account everyone who uses your restrooms and the number of people who use multiple sheets of paper towels, there is no question that hand dryers can save you money.

When trashcans need to be checked on, they can overflow and cause paper towels to clutter the restrooms if they are not cleaned continuously. You have to pay someone to regularly clean them up, which is not a necessary expense when you use hand dryers. As such, the maintenance cost of running a hand dryer can be notably less than that of using paper towels.

Providing paper towels in your restrooms may be affecting your bottom line and polluting the earth. When you take into account the cost of paper towels and the time it takes an employee to clean up and replace the towels, your overhead may quickly add up. Installing an air hand dryer in your restrooms can eliminate these unnecessary expenses and decrease your environmental footprint. Visit for more information.