Three Benefits of Gutter Guards

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Roofing Contractor

For homeowners, gutters can be extremely helpful to have. They re-route water, so it doesn’t fall directly in front of your house and in turn, you can comfortably go in and out when you please. Gutters also collect leaves and other debris that might fall on them. However, over time, these important jobs can wear away at the gutter’s protective seal. The gutter can even fall into disrepair. But don’t worry, by purchasing gutter guards, you can increase the lifespan of your gutters, along with many other benefits. Here are a few advantages of purchasing gutter protection systems.

Stops Mold Formation

Without gutters, rainwater can’t be shepherded away from the base of the house. When rainwater does collect around the foundation, it can begin to grow mold and other fungal friends. Mold can rot away the house’s frame, as well as give respiratory problems or other diseases to the people inside. However, gutter protection prevents mold from growing. It lets rainwater flow freely through the gutters and down the spout away from the house. With a powerful seal, gutter protection can prevent water from leaking to the foundation as well.

Keeps Mosquitos Away

It may sound strange, but gutter protection services can also do an excellent job stopping mosquito eggs from hatching. Without gutters, as mentioned before, water can collect around the base of your house. This standing water just so happens to be the perfect breeding ground for mosquito eggs. Mosquitos are a pest, and their bites have the potential to transmit harmful diseases to the bitten person. By using gutter protection, you’re able to keep the standing water away from your house’s base and keep those mosquito eggs away. Furthermore, because the guards let sunlight, air, and heat into the gutter, it prevents water from pooling in the actual gutters—keeping those mosquitos at bay.

Prevents Ice Blockage

Gutter protection can also stop ice from damming in the gutters. In the winter months, heat from the house can warm the roof which may cause snow to melt. That water runs down the sides of the house into the gutter, which, if it’s clogged with snow and ice, won’t let the water drain. This can cause water to build up and soak into the singles, which can cause further roof damage. With gutter protection, however, snow and ice stay on top of the system, while water can drain out underneath. Furthermore, the material can absorb the sun’s heat and melt that snow and ice, keeping the drains clog-free.

By using gutter protection systems, you can keep your house water-damage free. For more information, visit

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