Natural Forces that Can Lead to the Need for Concrete Paving Repair

The chemical components of concrete combine to create an extremely strong material. Despite its strength, it is still vulnerable to the different elements of nature. These are some of the causes of cracking in the concrete paving. To prevent the damage from spreading, the concrete must be repaired to maintain its strength.

One of the most damaging elements that causes the need for Concrete Paving Repair is water. Concrete tends to be a rather porous material. These pores allow the water to penetrate the surface. When the temperature changes, the water can freeze in the cracks. This powerful force can open up cracks throughout the concrete. This weakens it to the point where it no longer has the strength and durability it once had.

Trees are also a very powerful natural force that can damage concrete. Tiny roots can wind their way through cracks in the concrete in search of water. Once they start growing, the roots can force the concrete apart. In addition, they can disturb the base in which the concrete is set upon. Once the ground shifts, the weight of the concrete can change. This can create different stress points that can rest on the most weakened points. This extra stress can cause damage to occur. This problem will only worsen over time.

Severe changes in the soil moisture can also cause conditions that require Concrete Paving Repair. The base of the concrete is built with local soil and gravel which is compacted as tightly as possible. If the moisture content increases dramatically, the soil absorbs all of the water and expands. This causes shifts in the foundation to occur. In drought conditions, the soil density can significantly shrink. This will also cause shifting of the soil to occur. Once the concrete has lost its footing, it can no longer maintain its strength.

The forces in nature can impact concrete significantly. While it is designed to be strong, these forces are relentless. Once the damage starts it will continue until the repairs can be made. Maintaining the strength and look of the concrete means addressing problems as soon as possible. For more information on getting repairs done, check out website.You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.