Selecting a Size for a Concrete Dumpster Rental in Camden County

There are no absolute answers when it comes to selecting the right size for Concrete Dumpster Rental in Camden County. How much material will fit depends on far too many factors to say for sure what size is correct. The size of the items being placed in the dumpster, the weight of those items, the manner in which they are tossed into the dumpster, and the weather during the rental are just some examples of factors. The best that can be done is to advise residential and commercial customers regarding how much the container is designed to hold, the dimensions, and some suggestions for what type of projects will be ideal for specific dumpster sizes.

Sizes Offered

The smallest size is a fifteen-yard dumpster that is designed to hold fifteen cubic yards of waste. The space is equivalent to approximately five to seven pickup truck loads. This is ideal for cleaning out a small basement or one car garage. Remodeling a small bathroom, removing a three-hundred and twenty-five square foot deck, and removing twenty-two-thousand square feet of single layer shingles are also typically projects that can be handled by this dumpster size.

Selecting a twenty-yard Concrete Dumpster Rental in Camden County will be a wise choice if removing siding, having windows replaced, or renovating the whole basement. This size will hold about seven to ten pickup truck loads of scrap metal and roofing debris. The largest size is thirty-yards and will hold a total of twenty-seven cubic yards of waste. Large remodeling or construction projects will require this size dumpster.

More Services

In addition to renting a dumpster to place concrete and other debris in, the company also offers metered Concrete Delivery Services on-site. Using a ZimMixer instead of a barrel truck means customers only pay for the concrete they need. Paying for an estimated amount of concrete may leave customers with not enough materials or too much concrete that will need to be removed at extra cost.

Wasted concrete is not an environmentally-friendly way to conduct a business or a do-it-yourself project. A new service is available that can also help contractors and project managers go green. A concrete crusher will arrive on-site to crush remaining concrete into material for new construction or the appropriate size for recycling.