What To Know Before Starting A Green Home Project

One of the most challenging aspects of building a custom home is understanding the different steps and phases of the project. While some people are experienced at building their own homes, many people wait for years to finally build the house of their dreams.

If the house of your dreams includes creating an energy efficient home from sustainable materials, you need to work with a green home designer and builder. The good news is that a green home project is no more complicated than any other custom home, and usually has some important benefits the other home projects do not offer.

Step 1 – Planning

The most exciting step of the green home project is in planning the home. Most of the green home builders have a good selection of floor plans and home styles and designs. These can be starting points, and you can modify to suit your dream home ideas, or you can start from scratch and work with a designer for your own truly custom home.

This planning phase includes choosing the home design, style, material, and floor plan. It will be fully approved before moving on.

Step 2 – Construction

The next step in your green home project is the construction. This is actually a number of steps that start with laying the foundation through to putting up the frame and then finishing the interior and exterior of the home.

The time for this step depends on the size of the home and the complexity of the design. Experienced builders can provide a very accurate timetable for when specific milestones of the home construction are to be completed.

Step 3 – Moving In

Once your green home is completely finished, the builders have you complete a full inspection of the residence. They walk you through all the features and the functions of the home and make sure all is just as you want.