Why Flammable Cabinets Are Essential

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

Do you work with a variety of flammables, such as paint, aerosols, and more? These products can be highly useful in an industrial setting, but they are also dangerous. Flammable cabinets are an ideal way to store these products when they aren’t in use, ensuring that they are kept away from other products. Therefore, if they spill, they are contained so as not to mix with other chemicals that could cause combustion or fire.

Flammable cabinets are usually a compliance requirement. Therefore, if you don’t already utilise them, you should purchase them and use them primarily for your flammables. You can find a variety of sizes available, as well as different styles. For example, smaller cabinets may stand more upright and allow you to house one or two large containers. Other cabinet styles include short and wide versions and tall and wide versions. You can purchase one or multiple cabinets based on your needs. For example, you may want to store all the fuels in one cabinet with all the paints and thinners in another. Just make sure they are bright yellow in colour to warn others that they are present and dangerous. It is also essential that they have the right decals.

EcoSpill offers a wide range of flammable cabinets that are suitable for your needs. They are AS1940-2004 compliant, ensuring that you can use them and feel confident that you will pass all inspections. They all contain adjustable shelves so that you can choose the height you require. Along with such, they all have latching doors that self-close, which prevents mishaps if your employees forget to shut the door upon retrieval of the product they need. All products are fully welded and contain steel double walls. Plus, they have a high-gloss powder-coating finish that is electrostatic; you never have to worry about touching the metal and sparking a fire.

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