Spill Response Training: Learn Safe Responding

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

When spillage happens at work, do your staff members know what to do? Most people panic because they’re not shown what to do or how to handle the situation. While every business should have spill kits on hand, they don’t do much good if your team doesn’t know how to use them. Spill response training doesn’t just teach them about what’s in the kit; it also helps them learn how to respond appropriately to any spillage.

When focused on finding appropriate spill response training, it’s best to find someone who can come to your site. They should assess the situation first to determine any site-specific circumstances that could change the way they train. For example, interceptors and drains may require a more quick response, and they may recommend that the kit is placed close to the drain if possible. That way, less liquid can go down the drain and potentially contaminate the grass or waterways. They can also discuss ways to contain a large spillage so that it doesn’t go elsewhere onsite or out into the environment. That way, any employee can handle that part of the job while waiting for further instructions or people who know how to clean up hazardous messes.

At EcoSpill, they’ve got a variety of spill response training available to businesses. Whether you want to give your team the fundamentals so that they can respond quickly or an in-depth training that talks about managing spills effectively and preventing them, you can find what you need. Plus, if you have questions, their trained staff can help you learn what options are going to work best for you. That way, you don’t buy something you don’t need and get what is going to suit your needs best. They are also your go-to place for all spill kits and accessories.

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