Spill Containment Kits: Why They’re Important

by | Jun 3, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

If a facility houses toxic materials or chemicals, it needs to have a response plan in place for spills because they’re likely to happen. Of course, having a plan is only part of the issue. Once you know what each person is to do after the spillage, you need to have the right tools to contain it and clean it up. Spill containment kits have everything you need to keep your property, employees, and the environment safe. Most people believe that they need a containment kit and a spill kit, but they are one and the same, which can save space and time in a crisis.

Spill containment kits have what you need to contain the spillage. In most cases, that includes snakes and land booms. You can keep the liquid from going down the drain or out into the environment, depending on where your facility is and where the spillage occurs. These kits also have appropriate absorbent pads to soak up the spilled liquid or chemical. They are designed to hold plenty of liquid, but you may need multiple pads, depending on the size of the spill. It’s also important that you choose a kit for the type of liquid that has spilled. You can find chemical, oil, general purpose, medical, and other types of spill kits.

EcoSpill has a variety of products that are designed to keep employees and the environment safe. Spill containment kits have everything you need to contain the spill so that it doesn’t cause more damage or mess while having the tools needed to clean up the spilled liquid. It also contains disposal bags so that you can put the soiled/filled absorbent pads and socks inside, keeping everything neat and in accordance with local laws. You can throw everything away safely and keep your property safe.

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