Tips to Care for Commercial Swimming Pools Sacramento CA

There is no question that there is quite a bit of appeal offered by Commercial Swimming Pools Sacramento CA. It provides a place to enjoy swimming for leisure and a location to get some exercise. It is also an appealing factor to new customers and clients. However, if a swimming pool is going to be installed, it is essential that it is maintained properly. The typical care service for a pool includes both weekly and monthly tasks, as well as a few day to day tips that will help the pool stay cleaner, longer.

One of the most important tasks that should be done in relation to commercial swimming pools in Sacramento, CA is to have the chlorine and pH levels checked o-; at the very least -; twice per week. The pool water should have a pH range of 7.4 up to 7.6 and chlorine level between 1.3 and 3.0. The water needs to be tested about four hours after all the swimmers have left the water and about eight hours after it rains or after a bad wind storm. Be sure to follow the directions from the manufacturer in regard to the actual testing strips that are selected. If the levels are off, add the necessary products to provide balance.

It is also important to ensure the pool is cleaned, at least once per week. For a thorough cleaning, it is important to empty the skimmer baskets and to skim all the debris and leaves from out of the water. If there are debris on the bottom of the pool, then Commercial Swimming Pools Sacramento CA should be vacuumed with the special tool that is available. The surface should be skimmed often with a cleaning net.

More information about commercial pool cleaning can be found by contacting the professionals from Take some time to ensure that the pool is healthy and that all the right levels are present. This will help ensure that the proper results are achieved and that the pool does not become unhealthy or dirty, which will make it unsafe to swim in for those who come to the location.